Composite Production

As a leading development and consulting firm for advanced composites in the aviation and aerospace industry, Radius has had the pleasure of working with several first-tier aerospace RTM production companies. Should the needs of your company fall in the category of production rather than first article development, we proudly recommend the following Radius customers:

CTL Aerospace
5616 Spellmire Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246-4898

Fiber Innovation
24 Walpole Park South
Walpole Massachusetts

GKN Aerospace
203-949 5268
Techniweave Div. Albany Int'l
Phone:(603) 330-5800
Fax: (603) 330-5801
Texas Composite
830-249-3399, fax 830-49-3275
Radius Engineering Inc.
1042 West 2780 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119